The Chart
“Surname Distribution Throughout Cornwall in the Early 16th Century” is a pictorial representation locating the most common surnames in mainland Cornwall.

It is the result of many years’ research, and the information from archives held in various establishments throughout the county has been recorded and cross-referenced.

The author of the map believes that it represents the earliest accurate placement of surnames for mainland Cornwall, and in essence shows the roots of many Cornish families.

One “parchment” on the chart shows a list of surnames included in the package, whilst the other lists the most common surnames within major towns shown on the map as faint dots.

On the right-hand side of the chart is a preamble giving a brief origin of Cornish surnames.
This may be removed if desired when framing the chart for display.

The Names
Space has prevented all researched names to be included in the package. The most common names in all parishes do appear in their most recognisable form.

Over the centuries the spelling of surnames have changed considerably; mainly phonetically. The main reason for this is down to the parish incumbent who wrote it down as he heard it.

The Package
The package also includes an eight page booklet, which contains a parish map and reference to each name and the parish in which it was found.

This is an aid to locating specific names quickly on the map, and essential information for genealogists pointing them towards the parishes in which to undertake their searches.

At 84cm x 59cm (33in x 23in), containing nearly 1,200 names and beautifully presented on heavy art paper, this artist-drawn map would make a delightful gift for anyone interested in Cornish families and their own backgrounds, and is a veritable mine of information for anyone studying family history in this area.

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